Chioma Toplis fires back at critics over sexy lingerie photos

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Nollywood Chioma Toplis Lingerie Pics

Chioma Toplis fires back at critics over sexy lingerie photos

BBW: Nollywood actress Chioma Toplis, who is married with three kids, has fired back at critics over her new sexy lingerie photos which she shared online recently; NollywoodSocial.Net reports. Read the full Nollywood news and gist below.

Some of her fans and admirers complained about Chioma Toplis new half-nude pics, with many asking why should a married woman and mother of three, post her nakedness for public consumption, etc. However, the now-controversial actress could not hesitate in firing back at her fans for sharing their thoughts.

In response to all the criticisms the Nollywood actress received over her lingerie pictures, here’s what the Nigerian turned Briton by marriage, had to say to her “haters”:

“Thanks guys, for all the people who commended on my weight loss, my next level, my swag etc, I love you guys like kilode. As for those who hated viewing these pictures because they are pretenders and could not only remove their eyes, I feel sorry for the pains you caused yourselves and I believe that after treating yourselves of heart attack, you will be doing yourself the favour of deleting yourself because more are in the making. I’m soaring higher whether you like it or not. My family are behind me; my wonderful and supportive hubby most importantly. Also, may I remind you that my hubby is English and that makes me part of that society. I’m off to LA for my progress check,” she wrote.

She also wrote the following via her Facebook profile (Sept. 24), NollywoodSocial.Net gathered:

“Now I know that my pictures are generating heat all over “Africa” lol..ok let me get this into ur timid bush heads. Am married to an English man hence that has made me to have a dual nationality. And of course as much as I have to adapt to eating der type of food, speaking der language, dressing der way is a must too. i do what pleases my husband and this is one of it and for ur info I hav been married to this same man for close to 20yrs. I will make it easier for u, when u come across such pictures of mine dat u term “whatever ” just take it that it is my Toplis side n walk away but if u want to talk o talk cos it is free but u will be wasting ur time and when u see me all wrapped up u shld see dat as Chioma ur African good girl smsh”

Share your opinion: Is it wrong for a married woman and mother of three children, to post (half-naked) lingerie photos online for her fans to see and comment?

Or, is she suppose to hide her body endowment from the public, reserving it for only her husband eyes?

Nollywood Chioma Toplis Lingerie Pics

Nollywood Actress Chioma Toplis shows off her sexy body in Lingerie Pictures.


Chioma Toplis, a native of Umuahia in Abia State, made her career debut in 2004 in Stolen Bible Nollywood movie alongside Kate Henshaw and other acts, but she gained prominence when she appeared in a lead role in a 2005 Nollywood movie titled ‘Trinity’, where she acted with other prominent Nollywood actors. She is married and blessed with three children.


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