Ini Edo bids GEJ Farewell, Congratulates President Buhari

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Ini Edo votes in Lekki for Nigeria Presidential Election 2015.

Ini Edo bids GEJ Farewell, Congratulates President Buhari

Trending on NollywoodSocial.Net is what we call ‘Nollywood in Politics’ as Ini Edo bids Goodluck Jonathan (GEJ) farewell, while congratulating her newly elected President Rtd. Gen Mohammed Buhari; though she never voted for the anti-corruption fighter.

If you’ve been following Ini Edo on social media and in the news, you’d know she’s an avid supporter of Goodluck Jonathan; the presidential candidate she happily voted who failed to win a second term in office. Many Nigerians did not re-elect GEJ because his administration failed to deliver what the people have been crying out aloud for including, “eradicating corruption in the government”, “distribute national wealth among the people”, “create jobs”, “build infrastructures for economic development”, “better healthcare system”, to name a few.

With that said, here’s the tribute message Ini Edo posted to GEJ, thanking him for assisting Nollywood:

“My President. You are indeed a great man. A man of honour, dedication and Integrity. Your kind nature will be missed by all Nigerians. You allowed Peace throughout this elections and made us as a nation understand that there’s no alternative to Peace. You showed interest in an industry no other Nigerian President did. Entertainment! You contributed to giving us a voice. You helped us grow! If only for this reason sir, I remain eternally grateful. Nigerians have spoken and as the great man that you are again you have heard. God bless you Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. May your days be long and may you be granted your hearts desires. #GEJ #Transition #NigeriaDecides”

Ini Edo went on to congratulate Muhammadu Buhari, who has been elected by the people to eradicate corruption in the government and hopefully move NIGERIA FORWARD:

“Nigeria has decided. Congratulations Rtd Gen Mohammed Buhari, President elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I also congratulate Nigeria on the peace shown throughout this elections. I had supported President Jonathan but Your voices have been heard and your votes counted. Nigeria is about to embark on a new journey and my prayer is for Nigeria to continue to stand as one nation in peace and harmony. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria. #truedemocracy #NigeriaDecides” -Ini Edo

Nollywood in Politics: What do you have to say about Ini Edo’s reaction to the concluded 2015 Nigerian presidential election?

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Mercy Aigbe voting at the Polling Booth for Nigeria Presidential Election

Nollywood in Politics: Why Mercy Aigbe voted for Change

Nollywood in Politics: The highly anticipated Nigerian election 2015 has come to pass, and many are happy with the outcome. Popular Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe has voiced out the reasons she voted for Change; a vote which collectively denied Goodluck Jonathan a second term as president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; NollywoodSocial.Net is reporting.

Speaking recently at a social media forum, Mercy Aigbe reportedly revealed that one of the reasons she joined other citizens to vote the All Progressive Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, was to show the incompetent leader Goodluck Jonathan that the public have the sole power to choose and determine who leads the nation.

Here’s what she said, in quote:

“We voted Jonathan out not because Buhari is a miracle worker, not because the alternative was the Best!! But so that incompetent leaders will know, fear and understand the people’s ability to select, Elect and De-Select.”

“Why should we endure another four years with PGEJ simply because we fear the Unknown? If the Unknown comes in and performs at the same level or worse, we vote them out as well! Until our leaders start to lead correctly, we will continue to change them! Tears of joy for Nigeria, I am so proud of all of us! May god continue to bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria”, Mercy Aigbe concludes.

On March 28, 2015, Mercy Aigbe-Gentry was one of the many Nigerian celebrities who took to the polling booths to exercise their civil responsibilities when they cast their votes at the concluded Nigerian presidential election held on Saturday-continued on Sunday; in which former Military General and President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; Muhammadu Buhari emerged the winner.

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Emeka ike pic

Emeka Ike makes Committee for Goodluck Jonathan 2015 Re-Election

Nollywood in Politics: It was recently revealed on NollywoodCommunity that, popular Nollywood actor Emeka Ike has been appointed a member of Goodluck Jonathan’s 2015 Campaign Organization Committee; NollywoodSocial.Net is reporting to the global audience, with support from Nigeria Movie Network (NMN).

Mr Ike who hails from Umueze in Ehime Mbano in Imo State, is part of the Civil Society Support Group Commitee. It was also revealed that this might be an opportunity for the actor–who fell into bad times months ago, to bounce back to his feet.

In other related news, Emeka Ike who was formally living in Lagos, has moved to Abuja after alleged separation from his Wife.

Emeka ike pic

Emeka Ike makes Committee for Goodluck Jonathan 2015 Re-Election

Joan Nwankwo of NollywoodCommunity, wishes him all the Best.

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