Kate Henshaw claims she lost everything in house fire

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Kate Henshaw makeup by Oluchi Onuigbo

Kate Henshaw claims she lost everything in house fire

#NEWS: Nollywood star actress, Kate Henshaw, in a recent interview – claims she lost everything when her house in Lekki caught fire on June 25th, as reported on NollywoodCommunity.com a day after the unfortunate incident became news.

In a very recent interview with City People, Kate Henshaw narrated the heartbreaking event of her house that got burnt, on the unfortunate day which she was on the set of Do Good, a comedy sitcom. Below is the interview, make sure to leave a comment afterwards to let us know what you think.

“It is true. The house got burnt and I lost everything. I really don’t know what happened because I was here on the ‘Do Good’ set, I was filming, and was about to have lunch when my nanny called me and was like “madam fire”. I told her to get people to throw water on it and didn’t even know it was like a big fire. I immediately got up and by the time I turned into the street before mine, I could see the sky was black. I got there and there were people everywhere and nobody could get in. Because the first thing about fire is the smoke, its going to make it totally impossible to get in, and it could kill you. And my next door neighbour was having his daughter’s birthday and there were children there, that was IK Osakioduwa, he happens to be my next door neighbour, and he had sent a message to all radio stations about the fire” narrated the veteran actress.

“I called the fire service for over 2 hours and there was no response, by the time they came everything had gone. The house was razed completely. But I am talking to you now, and I am glad to be alive. Winning this award further goes to show that as long as there is life, you can hope for tomorrow” -said Kate Henshaw.

Last weekend Kate Henshaw picked up the City People Face of Nollywood awards. The actress is now upbeat and reflected on what the house fire incident several weeks ago, has taught her. Continue reading….

“There are two choices, either you stand up or you stay down. There are many people who have gone through such fire experience and lost their lives but there is no scratch on me, the will power is what matters. I was at that point where I said what’s the use, where I am going to start from but I thank God.”

In the interview she thanked the cast and crew of ‘Do Good’ for their efforts when her house got burnt.

“And the people on this set, they are the best crew and cast I have ever worked with, everybody came they scooped water from the gutter, some cut their hands trying to get in. They came the next day and helped me move. It was totally unexpected, I don’t want to cry but they were awesome” -Kate Henshaw said.

Kate Henshaw makeup by Oluchi Onuigbo

#RealHair: Kate Henshaw makeup pic, by Oluchi Onuigbo, a celebrity makeup artist.

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