How fans reacted to Mercy Johnson’s sexual past in movies

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Mercy Johnson and Majid Michel in Shakira

How fans reacted to Mercy Johnson’s sexual past in movies

Holy mercy! It seems many have quickly forgotten Mercy Johnson‘s popularity in sexually seductive Nollywood movies, in which she was handsomely paid for then, by producers who often sought-after her for such roles. Come and see how fans reacted to Mercy Johnson’s sexual past in movies, when NMN shared a flirty pic of her and Majid Michel in the movie ‘Shakira‘.

Last month (November 26th), Nigeria Movie Network (NMN) shared this movie picture of the professional Nollywood actors doing what they were paid to do, while asking if fans still watch Mercy Johnson’s old movies. See excerpt from the post below:

#Nollywood: Interesting how time fly! Do you still watch many of the bad girl roles of Mercy Johnson movies? This movie pic is from Shakira Nigerian Movie.

Today, while searching for what’s new with Majid Michel, we stumbled upon this sexually seductive movie pic of him and Mercy Johnson. Read more on this gist here: 

After NMN posted the movie picture on their Facebook Page, many of Mercy Johnson fans took it personal, got into their shallow emotional feelings, and started raining thunders of insults in the comment section. Meanwhile, other fans recognized Mercy Johnson and Majid Michel were only doing their job as an actress and actor. Below is how some fans reacted to Mercy Johnson’s sexual past in Nollywood movies….

  • Prince Owen Igbinoba said: U are a big goat how can you bring this pic out.or do you want to dietary her marriage
  • Ijeoma Paul said: U pple of Nigeria movie network,,I don’t think its proper for u to post this picx afterall is in †ђє past…and these lady is married for heaven sake.,stuff like this do break homes it just not fair pls find sumtin more intresting to post bcos what u post here is totally rubbish!!!MJ will not see this and clap for u it just so unfair..
  • Mariama Sowe said: U guys are very stupid, remember she is not only a married woman but a responsible, determined, honoured and wonderful married woman and a mother of tow.
  • Femi Fuyane Antonio said: You are a perpetual fool,,am sure they are some propriate pics of her outchea.why this of her butt crack,gee weez mahn..
  • Dora Malawi said: Hahaha some of you guys need to chill those are the roles she played before and the entire world had seen n i for one was a hater when she was so sexual n very explicit in the roles. Abeg ppl should learn how to get over things and smile cuz she’s now a new an responsable person stop the name calling it’s just a movie lol n i think it’s intended to bring humour
  • Katie Erons said: You are a big fool to the highest level. .you are so stupid. This is not mercy Johnson
  • Necinash Love Johnson said: Who so ever posted this is a very big fool u know…….cus she’s a very gud wife that luvs n take care of her family n I don’t think Her man is goin to leave her for such rubbish posted. Cus he’s also wise
  • Safiatou Diallo said: It’s funny how people comment about her personality and seem to forget that she is an actor that entertains millions of people. People watch western movies and always see women that are now married but had played dirty roles in the past, but never said nasty comments why??? Because here in America we understand that they are doing their jobs and that’s not who they are. Have respect for African actors as you do for all these western actors. Let me give you an example, Julia Roberts played”pretty woman” and in that movie, she was a prostitute” but guess what? Not only she made millions of dollars, but her people just love her for doing such a good movie. Please support these African actors. Iam from Guinea, but Iam African. Good day folks.
  • Princess Adaiigbomma said: She is doing her job, that is why we like her . For really make money
  • Mariatou Hydara said: Whoever post this is jealous of her success. She has a happy home n she deserves it. Leave this great lady alone n fixed your own issues at hand!!!
  • Jenifer Iruka said: She only acted a movie thy is no big deal abt it nd d ones u do secretly is it nt worst dn the movie she acted fools
  • Edith Brown said: Why must u do this? Why?why?why? If she was ur sister what wil u do?what wil u say? Wil u be happy? U i not going to get away wit this,GOD wil pay u 4 al of ur good n bid work u dit,u wil never fine happyiness from no wife of urs
  • Ange Emmanuella Apia said: Owwwww you are a big goat mercy!
  • Princess Munat Ellah said: U dat post dis is an animal.
  • Roselyn Pratt said: I see no reason why you people should post this photo again, please I wouldn’t want anything to happened to M. J married please
  • Uwa Bless Favour said: You got to do what you got to do to make it or get to where you want to get to in life!
  • Ijeoma Paul said: This lady is one of ma favourite ooo,,so u mind what u post about my Mercy!!!!!!!!
  • Williams Lordxcoba Mogul said: Some says Stupid boy and others says stupid girl if I may ask the audience who is stupid?… if that is mj no big deal about it her hubby knew all that before he got married to her and today they are both living a happy family life, ADMIN watch what you post on your page and I will advise you del this post… Nice day all
  • Hawa Marian Kai-Samba said: She was playing a ROLE. ACTING. For crying out loud. She has worked hard and coma a long way. She’s now both a lovely wife and loving mum. Just let her be. WE LOVE YOU MERCY.
  • Prisca Ofoegbu said: it is a movie role she played in the movie tittled SHAKIRA
  • Izbvgmwy Capisto said: Very stupid girl
  • Mariama Diallo said: Y people posting dis movie is longtime movie stop judging her by her past. Past is past no going back see the future dat is meant 4 u. She is now happily married with 2 kids n she doesn’t do dis kanna movie anymore so forget abt her past

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Majid Michel News-Nollywood

Majid Michel testifies against Facebook impostor in court

Have you heard? That popular Ghanaian-Nollywood actor, Majid Michel, testified against a Facebook impostor in court, yesterday (November 25th). The imposter allegedly attempted to defraud one of Majid’s fan who is based in the US.

MyJoyOnline has been covering all story about the Majid Michel impersonation case. The most recent story being several hours ago, when they reported the following:

Ghanaian actor Majid Michel appeared in court Tuesday to testify against a 37-year-old Nigerian who was arrested by Ghana’s La Police for impersonating him.

The Nigerian, Kelvin Ogodogu, was arrested on Saturday, November 15 through the help of some of his neigbours in Kosoa in the Central region for trying to defraud a US-based Ghanaian lady.

The Nigerian, posing as Majid Michel on Facebook, solicited funds from unsuspecting persons, including the US-based Ghanaian lady, Ikay, to bury his mum.

Kelvin Ogodogu was arraigned before the La Dadekotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA) Magistrates’ Court in Labadi on Thursday, November 20 where he pleaded not guilty to the charges of impersonation and attempted fraud.

Majid Michel (Ghanaian-Nollywood Actor)

Majid Michel (Ghanaian Nollywood Actor)

During the second hearing on Tuesday, November 25, presided over by Judge Charles Yaw Boateng, State Prosecutor, Chief Inspector Ophelia Denteh led the award winning actor to give his evidence.

Majid Michel gave an account of how he met Ikay and how the lady informed him about the imposter on Facebook. His 45 minute narration also included an account of how he set up a surveillance system to help apprehend Kelvin.

Kelvin asked Majid what he discussed with Ikay when they met in the US which the actor answered.

The accused also quizzed the actor when Ikay realized that she was dealing with an ‘imposter’ on Facebook. Majid responded that it was a day after the event that the lady realized.

The court after taking Majid’s account then adjourned the case to Thursday, November 27. The court, gathers, will also hear Kelvin’s testimony during that hearing.

  • If the accused is found guilty, how many years in jail do you think he deserves?

Credit: MyJoyOnline

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