Kate Henshaw claims she lost everything in house fire

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Kate Henshaw makeup by Oluchi Onuigbo

Kate Henshaw claims she lost everything in house fire

#NEWS: Nollywood star actress, Kate Henshaw, in a recent interview – claims she lost everything when her house in Lekki caught fire on June 25th, as reported on NollywoodCommunity.com a day after the unfortunate incident became news.

In a very recent interview with City People, Kate Henshaw narrated the heartbreaking event of her house that got burnt, on the unfortunate day which she was on the set of Do Good, a comedy sitcom. Below is the interview, make sure to leave a comment afterwards to let us know what you think.

“It is true. The house got burnt and I lost everything. I really don’t know what happened because I was here on the ‘Do Good’ set, I was filming, and was about to have lunch when my nanny called me and was like “madam fire”. I told her to get people to throw water on it and didn’t even know it was like a big fire. I immediately got up and by the time I turned into the street before mine, I could see the sky was black. I got there and there were people everywhere and nobody could get in. Because the first thing about fire is the smoke, its going to make it totally impossible to get in, and it could kill you. And my next door neighbour was having his daughter’s birthday and there were children there, that was IK Osakioduwa, he happens to be my next door neighbour, and he had sent a message to all radio stations about the fire” narrated the veteran actress.

“I called the fire service for over 2 hours and there was no response, by the time they came everything had gone. The house was razed completely. But I am talking to you now, and I am glad to be alive. Winning this award further goes to show that as long as there is life, you can hope for tomorrow” -said Kate Henshaw.

Last weekend Kate Henshaw picked up the City People Face of Nollywood awards. The actress is now upbeat and reflected on what the house fire incident several weeks ago, has taught her. Continue reading….

“There are two choices, either you stand up or you stay down. There are many people who have gone through such fire experience and lost their lives but there is no scratch on me, the will power is what matters. I was at that point where I said what’s the use, where I am going to start from but I thank God.”

In the interview she thanked the cast and crew of ‘Do Good’ for their efforts when her house got burnt.

“And the people on this set, they are the best crew and cast I have ever worked with, everybody came they scooped water from the gutter, some cut their hands trying to get in. They came the next day and helped me move. It was totally unexpected, I don’t want to cry but they were awesome” -Kate Henshaw said.

Kate Henshaw makeup by Oluchi Onuigbo

#RealHair: Kate Henshaw makeup pic, by Oluchi Onuigbo, a celebrity makeup artist.

Nollywood News Reaction: What do you have to say about Kate Henshaw‘s reaction to the fire incident where she lost  everything?

Story credit: Entertainment Express

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Ufuoma Ejenobor newborn Baby girl Picture

Ufuoma Ejenobor welcomes 2nd child, 3yrs after 1st child

NOLLYWOOD NEWS: Talk about the sweet joy of motherhood, then you’re talking about pregnant Nollywood actress, Ufuoma Ejenobor who just delivered a baby girl, which is her 2nd child – 3 years after she gave birth to her first child.

Ufuoma Ejenobor and her white husband, Steven McDermott, welcomed their 2nd baby on August 8, but the actress didn’t announce the good news until she returned home today (August 12). They have named their newborn baby girl Kesiena.

Ufuoma married her white husband in April, 2010 and the couple welcomed their first son, Isio on October 10, 2012.

A big congrats to the couple!

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Ini Edo votes in Lekki for Nigeria Presidential Election 2015.

Ini Edo bids GEJ Farewell, Congratulates President Buhari

Trending on NollywoodSocial.Net is what we call ‘Nollywood in Politics’ as Ini Edo bids Goodluck Jonathan (GEJ) farewell, while congratulating her newly elected President Rtd. Gen Mohammed Buhari; though she never voted for the anti-corruption fighter.

If you’ve been following Ini Edo on social media and in the news, you’d know she’s an avid supporter of Goodluck Jonathan; the presidential candidate she happily voted who failed to win a second term in office. Many Nigerians did not re-elect GEJ because his administration failed to deliver what the people have been crying out aloud for including, “eradicating corruption in the government”, “distribute national wealth among the people”, “create jobs”, “build infrastructures for economic development”, “better healthcare system”, to name a few.

With that said, here’s the tribute message Ini Edo posted to GEJ, thanking him for assisting Nollywood:

“My President. You are indeed a great man. A man of honour, dedication and Integrity. Your kind nature will be missed by all Nigerians. You allowed Peace throughout this elections and made us as a nation understand that there’s no alternative to Peace. You showed interest in an industry no other Nigerian President did. Entertainment! You contributed to giving us a voice. You helped us grow! If only for this reason sir, I remain eternally grateful. Nigerians have spoken and as the great man that you are again you have heard. God bless you Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. May your days be long and may you be granted your hearts desires. #GEJ #Transition #NigeriaDecides”

Ini Edo went on to congratulate Muhammadu Buhari, who has been elected by the people to eradicate corruption in the government and hopefully move NIGERIA FORWARD:

“Nigeria has decided. Congratulations Rtd Gen Mohammed Buhari, President elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I also congratulate Nigeria on the peace shown throughout this elections. I had supported President Jonathan but Your voices have been heard and your votes counted. Nigeria is about to embark on a new journey and my prayer is for Nigeria to continue to stand as one nation in peace and harmony. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria. #truedemocracy #NigeriaDecides” -Ini Edo

Nollywood in Politics: What do you have to say about Ini Edo’s reaction to the concluded 2015 Nigerian presidential election?

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Mercy Aigbe voting at the Polling Booth for Nigeria Presidential Election

Nollywood in Politics: Why Mercy Aigbe voted for Change

Nollywood in Politics: The highly anticipated Nigerian election 2015 has come to pass, and many are happy with the outcome. Popular Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe has voiced out the reasons she voted for Change; a vote which collectively denied Goodluck Jonathan a second term as president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; NollywoodSocial.Net is reporting.

Speaking recently at a social media forum, Mercy Aigbe reportedly revealed that one of the reasons she joined other citizens to vote the All Progressive Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, was to show the incompetent leader Goodluck Jonathan that the public have the sole power to choose and determine who leads the nation.

Here’s what she said, in quote:

“We voted Jonathan out not because Buhari is a miracle worker, not because the alternative was the Best!! But so that incompetent leaders will know, fear and understand the people’s ability to select, Elect and De-Select.”

“Why should we endure another four years with PGEJ simply because we fear the Unknown? If the Unknown comes in and performs at the same level or worse, we vote them out as well! Until our leaders start to lead correctly, we will continue to change them! Tears of joy for Nigeria, I am so proud of all of us! May god continue to bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria”, Mercy Aigbe concludes.

On March 28, 2015, Mercy Aigbe-Gentry was one of the many Nigerian celebrities who took to the polling booths to exercise their civil responsibilities when they cast their votes at the concluded Nigerian presidential election held on Saturday-continued on Sunday; in which former Military General and President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; Muhammadu Buhari emerged the winner.

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Yoruba actress Moji Olaiya

Even after a crashed marriage, Actress Moji Olaiya still wants to get married

Nollywood News: Popular Yoruba actress Moji Olaiya, still wants to get married even after her crashed marriage. In fact, the actress who just clocked 40 earlier in the week, believes life begins at 40! NollywoodSocial.Net is reporting.

In a recent interview with Saturday Beats / PUNCH, Moji Olaiya who believes she still has a lot to achieve — said she is grateful to reach this milestone in her life.

Even with her marriage that crashed some time ago, the actress said she has not ruled out getting married again in the nearest future. However, she said she wouldn’t even mind if she didn’t get married eventually. See what Moji Olaiya had to say, in quote:

“What went through my mind during my birthday was giving thanks to God that my family was there for me and my friends really supported me. My colleagues were also there to celebrate with me, so there was no time to think about a man that was not there by my side.”

“Seeing my daughter and my mother beside me made me so happy. I was not thinking about anything that has to do with my marriage at all. Although there were some split seconds that I wished that my man was beside me to celebrate such a milestone in my life, since I am alive, I thank God. I still want to get married because it is not good when a woman is not under a man’s roof. If it comes fine and if it does not come, I am okay,” she said.

Proud of her daughter, Moji Olaiya said that the kid is not following in her footstep but would rather become a lawyer. The actress said that she has noticed that her daughter loves music and would not be surprised if she toes the path of her grandfather, the famous Victor Olaiya.

“My daughter does not have interest in acting. She said she wants to become a lawyer when she grows up. I know she likes music, so she might delve into it later in life but not acting. She could later become a famous musician like her grandfather, Victor Olaiya,” she said.

Story credit: PUNCH Nigeria

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Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva covers Hello Magazine, Nigeria

Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva, covers HelloNigeria latest edition

Nollywood News: Olu Jacobs and his beautiful wife Joke Silva, have graced the cover of Hello! Nigeria magazine’s latest issue with a feature story titled “Nollywood Royalty, Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs, speak about love in Limelight”; NollywoodSocial.Net is reporting.

InformationNigeria says “It’s safe to say that they are the Nollywood couple every other one looks up to.” Revealing that they’ve been together for over a decade and they seem to have the marriage game perfected.

In the latest magazine issue, the couple (Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva) revealed details about their long lasting love, and how they built their relationship in the limelight.

“It had its challenges in the early years, each person fighting for their own space within it…… but over the years, we have learned to respect the other person views” -Joke Silva was quoted to have said.

olu jacobs kisses wife joke silva

Olu Jacobs is pictured here kissing his wife Joke Silva

Meanwhile, PulseNigeria says in the latest edition of Hello! Magazine, the Nollywood veteran couples shared their love story, staying married in the same industry, building a career over the years with each in the other’s life.

Commenting on the new magazine cover photo, blogger Olamide says the couple were stylish with Olu Jacobs in a navy suit leaning lovingly above the wife; Joke Silva who sits pretty in a vibrant sequin piece.

Joke Silva was born in Lagos, 1961, while Olu Jacobs was born in Abeokuta, 1942. The veteran Nollywood couple got married in 1985. About 28 years later, their love is still waxing strong. Congrats to the lovely couple! Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva <3 🙂

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Nollywood political rally for peaceful elections

Mama G, KOK, Aki, & others, rally for peaceful elections

Nollywood News: According to news coming from the “The Home of Peace and Tourism”, Plateau State, Kanayo O Kanayo, Mama G, Aki, and others, are in the middle belt area of the country, rallying for peaceful elections this year; NollywoodSocial.Net is reporting.

According to the Nigerian DailyTrust, popular Nollywood actors and actresses, Anayo Modestus Onyekwere (popularly known as Kanayo O. Kanayo, Chinedu Ikedieze (widely called Aki), Patience Ozokwo (Mama G) and many others stormed Plateau State capital, Jos, yesterday preaching peaceful participation in the coming elections.

The actors, who addressed a rally at the Pollo Field in central Jos, were joined by famous singer, Dan Maraya Jos and several other Jos-based artistes who all rendered songs that were a tribute to peace.

“We have come to tell Nigerians who live here that our business in the coming election is to vote those we feel will serve us best, not to fight for anyone because whoever wins or loses the elections will only be individuals who can’t be greater than our country,” Kanayo said, urging all Nigerians to put the country above every other consideration and ensure that the country remains in peace after the elections.

Nollywood actress Mama G photo


Mama G, who also addressed the crowd, spoke against the sale of voter’s cards, saying, “Your PVC is your power, use it for the elections and keep it. Even if not for elections, you may need it for other things in the future. Speak with your PVC and not with dangerous weapons.”

Post Title: Mama G, KOK, Aki, & others, rally for peaceful elections

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Oge Okoye and Nkiru Sylvanus - Nollywood

Nkiru Sylvanus denies marrying Oge Okoye’s ex-husband?

Nollywood News: Did someone call Nkiru Sylvanus a husband snatcher? Hold that thought for a second, because Nkiru Sylvanus have come out to deny allegations she married or wants to marry Oge Okoye’s ex-husband, Stanley Duru.

Nkiru Sylvanus denies marrying Oge Okoye’s ex-husband

Nkiru Sylvanus who is also the president of the Imo State Film Academy, spoke to Encomium Weekly on February 17, 2015 saying the rumours flying around are all false. Here’s what the popular actress told Encomium Weekly magazine:

“I have spoken about it and I have said I wont say anything about the issue again (concerning Oge Okoye’s husband). This is like the third time rumour mongers are talking about me getting married. If I am getting married, everybody will know about it. I will announce it myself because marriage is a thing of joy. So you should just ignore all the baseless rumours”.

According to reports, the man in the center of the drama (Stanley Duru, “Oge Okoye’s husband”) was already dating Nkiru Sylvanus and both were once in a serious relationship that many thought was going to lead the way to the altar, but then Oge Okoye came along, allegedly snatching Stanley away from her best friend Nkiru.

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Majid Michel News-Nollywood

Majid Michel testifies against Facebook impostor in court

Have you heard? That popular Ghanaian-Nollywood actor, Majid Michel, testified against a Facebook impostor in court, yesterday (November 25th). The imposter allegedly attempted to defraud one of Majid’s fan who is based in the US.

MyJoyOnline has been covering all story about the Majid Michel impersonation case. The most recent story being several hours ago, when they reported the following:

Ghanaian actor Majid Michel appeared in court Tuesday to testify against a 37-year-old Nigerian who was arrested by Ghana’s La Police for impersonating him.

The Nigerian, Kelvin Ogodogu, was arrested on Saturday, November 15 through the help of some of his neigbours in Kosoa in the Central region for trying to defraud a US-based Ghanaian lady.

The Nigerian, posing as Majid Michel on Facebook, solicited funds from unsuspecting persons, including the US-based Ghanaian lady, Ikay, to bury his mum.

Kelvin Ogodogu was arraigned before the La Dadekotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA) Magistrates’ Court in Labadi on Thursday, November 20 where he pleaded not guilty to the charges of impersonation and attempted fraud.

Majid Michel (Ghanaian-Nollywood Actor)

Majid Michel (Ghanaian Nollywood Actor)

During the second hearing on Tuesday, November 25, presided over by Judge Charles Yaw Boateng, State Prosecutor, Chief Inspector Ophelia Denteh led the award winning actor to give his evidence.

Majid Michel gave an account of how he met Ikay and how the lady informed him about the imposter on Facebook. His 45 minute narration also included an account of how he set up a surveillance system to help apprehend Kelvin.

Kelvin asked Majid what he discussed with Ikay when they met in the US which the actor answered.

The accused also quizzed the actor when Ikay realized that she was dealing with an ‘imposter’ on Facebook. Majid responded that it was a day after the event that the lady realized.

The court after taking Majid’s account then adjourned the case to Thursday, November 27. The court, Myjoyonline.com gathers, will also hear Kelvin’s testimony during that hearing.

  • If the accused is found guilty, how many years in jail do you think he deserves?

Credit: MyJoyOnline

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Stephanie Okereke-Nollywood actress

Nollywood: Stephanie Okereke condemns brother’s act of Rape

Popular Nollywood actress Stephanie Okereke has come out to condemn her brother’s act of rape, in a statement titled “Rape is rape, no matter who the face of the accused is“. Remember we reported few days ago how Prince Daniel Okereke, a former banker and now a musician, allegedly raped a 300 level female UNILAG Student, at his house.

Read Stephanie Okereke’s statement and reaction to her brother’s shameful act of rape. She is definitely not covering up for him, rather suggesting the accused be justified according to law – while also using the opportunity to bring awareness to projects she’s working on. Her statement below:

I am distraught and devastated to hear of the recent allegation of rape brought against a relative of mine, Daniel Okereke (my brother).

While it is a very difficult time for me, and my family; I feel the need to make clear my position, lest there be any doubt. Rape is rape, regardless of who the face of the accused is.

Indeed, the irony is not lost on me. I have spent my lifelong career advocating and living my conviction that women around the world should be able to live free of violence, sexual harassment or any form of abuse against their persons. This conviction led me to be involved in numerous initiatives combating violence against women in several countries including the U.S, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

The conviction also led me to place much of my energy on my work with Vesico Vaginal Fistula (VVF), a passion that dates back to my time at the University of Calabar.

As a student, I heard a story about young girls who had been forced into early marriage and were suffering the negative and embarrassing effects of VVF. The story stayed in my consciousness and drove me, for years, to seek ways to raise awareness on the condition; leading to my work with a team of dedicated doctors to carry out repair surgeries for VVF victims across the country; and my self-produced, soon to be released movie, ‘DRY.’

Stephanie Okereke (Nollywood Actress)

Stephanie Okereke (Nollywood Actress)

So, again, it is indeed heart breaking for me to receive and deal with news alleging a family member of mine is an alleged perpetrator of sexual violence against a woman. I am devastated.

This case is now in Nigeria’s criminal justice system as the accused awaits arraignment. I have also encouraged and assured the alleged victim of my stance against rape and applaud her for her bravery to upset the culture of silence, in Nigeria; even as I accord deference and patiently wait for the criminal justice system to determine the guilt or innocence of my brother.

For Nigerian press and blogs; I call on you to please report this case in an ethical manner. I am a married woman living my life. The alleged transgression of my relative does not make it mine. The focus should be the impact of rape on the alleged victim, and resources for other alleged victims, not me.

Some members of the press and blogs have turned me into the accuser; using my name for sensational headlines and putting my images, exclusively, in their stories. This is a form of victimization of me as a woman, its unethical and extremely hurtful. I am not the alleged accused.

I therefore please ask all bloggers and the media who have placed my pictures and name to this story to refrain from further using me to sensationalize this story.

I thank my fans, and all well-wishers for your continued support and ask for your continued prayers.

God bless.


The NollywoodSocial.Net editors would like to briefly address Stephanie Okereke’s comment when she said “Some members of the press and blogs have turned me into the accuser”, and her other comment that “Nigerian press and blogs; I call on you to please report this case in an ethical manner. I am a married woman living my life. The alleged transgression of my relative does not make it mine”

In our news report titled Stephanie Okereke’s brother accused of Raping UNILAG Student, we definitely did not insinuate in any manner that Stephanie Okereke is the accuser, but we rather made it clear – that the victim or the accuser – is a 300 level UNILAG student.

Before reporting the ordeal, we also did our research to confirm if Prince Daniel Okereke was truly Stephanie’s brother. This is because other Nigerian press and blogs were wrongly classifying or identifying Prince Daniel as Stephanie’s nephew, cousin, etc.

Lastly, we want to address Stephanie Okereke’s comment when she suggests that her brother’s atrocities are not hers, and her name shouldn’t be mentioned in such reports. Well, no one is saying her brother’s transgression is hers; but she should expect her name to be mentioned when any of her relatives is in the news for something, whether for good or for bad.

For instance, when her same brother was in the news late last year when he dropped a single titled “Seek Ye First“; he was referenced in Nigerian press and blogs as “Stephanie Okereke’s brother” – nobody heard any complaints from Aunt Steph. But now that her brother is in the news for something bad, she is complaining to Nigerian Press and Blogs the alleged rapist shouldn’t be referred as her brother.

  • Is Stephanie Okereke publicly denouncing her own brother?

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