Even after a crashed marriage, Actress Moji Olaiya still wants to get married

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Yoruba actress Moji Olaiya

Even after a crashed marriage, Actress Moji Olaiya still wants to get married

Nollywood News: Popular Yoruba actress Moji Olaiya, still wants to get married even after her crashed marriage. In fact, the actress who just clocked 40 earlier in the week, believes life begins at 40! NollywoodSocial.Net is reporting.

In a recent interview with Saturday Beats / PUNCH, Moji Olaiya who believes she still has a lot to achieve — said she is grateful to reach this milestone in her life.

Even with her marriage that crashed some time ago, the actress said she has not ruled out getting married again in the nearest future. However, she said she wouldn’t even mind if she didn’t get married eventually. See what Moji Olaiya had to say, in quote:

“What went through my mind during my birthday was giving thanks to God that my family was there for me and my friends really supported me. My colleagues were also there to celebrate with me, so there was no time to think about a man that was not there by my side.”

“Seeing my daughter and my mother beside me made me so happy. I was not thinking about anything that has to do with my marriage at all. Although there were some split seconds that I wished that my man was beside me to celebrate such a milestone in my life, since I am alive, I thank God. I still want to get married because it is not good when a woman is not under a man’s roof. If it comes fine and if it does not come, I am okay,” she said.

Proud of her daughter, Moji Olaiya said that the kid is not following in her footstep but would rather become a lawyer. The actress said that she has noticed that her daughter loves music and would not be surprised if she toes the path of her grandfather, the famous Victor Olaiya.

“My daughter does not have interest in acting. She said she wants to become a lawyer when she grows up. I know she likes music, so she might delve into it later in life but not acting. She could later become a famous musician like her grandfather, Victor Olaiya,” she said.

Story credit: PUNCH Nigeria

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Bimbo Akintola, Yoruba Actress

Nollywood Gist: Bimbo Akintola forbids butt enlargement

Celebrity Gist: Popular Nollywood Yoruba actress, Bimbo Akintola, who was once a tomboy when she was younger, have come out to forbid butt enlargement which is becoming a common trend with celebrities these days, NollywoodSocial.Net has more report on this.



Can you imagine? That in a recent Punch Newspaper interview, Bimbo Akintola was asked if her busty nature (melons) hinder her from wearing certain clothes? Would you answer a question like that if you were a celebrity? Anyway, here’s what the beautiful Yoruba actress had to say:

“It has never been a problem for me because I am not as busty as a lot of ladies. I believe I am still moderate. It is just that my top size is bigger than my bottom because of my chest.” -Bimbo Akintola

After answering that question, Bimbo Akintola was then asked if it’s true men prefer ladies that are busty? Here’s how Bimbo answered the question:

“It is not true. It was the case before but now, everybody wants to have big buttocks. It is all about the behind and that is what is in vogue now.” -Bimbo Akintola

Since that is the in thing now, are you doing anything to make your buttocks bigger? The interviewer further questions Bimbo Akintola. She answers:

“God forbid! I am okay with the way God created me. I believe I am perfect the way I am. I cannot do anything to my buttocks. I like the way it is.” -Bimbo Akintola

But what if you have the opportunity to go under the surgeon’s knife for free, wouldn’t you want to alter any part of your body? Here’s what Bimbo had to say about that:

“I doubt there is anything that I would want to change in my body. I love my body the way it is.” -Bimbo Akintola

Bimbo Akintola at the 2013 AMVCA red carpet

Bimbo Akintola at the 2013 AMVCA red carpet

Based on contributions from Nigeria Movie Network, Bimbo Akintola is one of the most recognized faces in the Nigerian film industry. She has been involved in Nollywood since the early 90s. Her debut acting was when she featured in the 1997 Nigerian movie ‘Out of Bounds‘, with Richard Mofe Damijo. Some of her movies include Touch My Heart, Mr Jericho (Yoruba), Eyinju Eledumare (Yoruba), Last Dance, Room Service, Tango With Me, and many others.

Bimbo Akintola was born on May 5th 1970, to a father from Oyo State and a mother from Edo State; NollywoodSocial.Net is reporting.

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Photo of Temitope Osoba

The story of Temitope Osoba, Nollywood Yoruba Actress

Come and familiarize yourself with the story of Temitope Osoba, a fast-rising Nollywood Yoruba Actress – who is also a Business Education graduate from Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU), Ogun State. This story is filed under ‘Nollywood-Yoruba Actors‘ category on NollywoodSocial.Net, and can be considered a mini-biography of the actress.

In a recent interview published on The Herald Nigeria, the beautiful Yoruba actress spoke with Adunola Oladapo, on her background, her career, and other juicy information about her journey in Nollywood.

Q: How did Temitope Osoba delve into acting?

Tope: Acting was not something I intended to do, I was initially a dancer. I used to dance hip-hop and cultural dance, way back then in school, even before school. I was doing dance professionally. Acting was never in my mind, it was just by luck, because I had to feature in a Yoruba dance movie.

Q: Which Yoruba dance movie did Temitope Osoba first featured in?

Tope: That was Ijoya. It was produced by Laide Bakare, in 2005. It was purely dance movie. Although I acted in it, it was the first time I would do something like that. But dance was the major thing there.

Q: After Temitope Osoba‘s first feature film, what happened next?

Tope: Well, I used to dance for Weird MC. I had to go back to school, so then I couldn’t keep up with the rehearsals and other things that were involved. I did a couple of music videos for the likes of Olu Maintain, Adewale Ayuba (Ijo Fuji), Pasuma (High Level).

Tope Osoba, Nollywood Yoruba Actress

You are reading: The story of Tope Osoba, Nollywood Yoruba Actress

Q: What fascinated Temitope Osoba about acting?

Tope: Generally, I like entertainment, be it singing, dancing or acting. When the director saw me, he asked me if I could do a thing for him and I said yes. He played a CD of Weird MC for me and I did the choreography, and he liked it. He gave me a script that I should read, that I will be acting a role. That was how I got the role; from then, I have been acting.

Q: What year did Temitope Osoba started dancing?

Tope: Basically, I started dancing in 2004, after the music video of Ijoya. Later, I was laid back a bit. It was not that I was discouraged; you know the society one lives in, one has to be careful, especially when you dance for Fuji artistes. I decided to stay with acting.

Q: For how long has Temitope Osoba been acting?

Tope: That was in 2005. My first movie was Ijoya. after that, I did a couple of movies like: Abimbola, Anu Oju Mi by Ayo Adesanya. It was my second major movie. In 2009, I did Ogun Mi (My Sweat). It was produced by Dayo Amusa; it was the movie that projected my acting career.

Q: Why did Temitope Osoba dump dancing for acting?

Tope: I enjoyed dancing a lot, no doubt, but because of the perception that the society has about professional dancers— they see them as wayward, loose and even prostitutes— I had to quit. However, I was beginning to enjoy acting a great deal then.

Q: What role brought Temitope Osoba into limelight?

Tope: That was in the late Bisi Komolafe’s movie, where I acted as a stripper, but we didn’t strip anyway in the movie.

Q: How many movies have you featured in so far?

Tope: Let me say over 20 movies, and still counting. In some of the movies, I played major roles, in some, second lead roles and there are couple of others that are not out yet.

Q: Do you restrict yourself only to Yoruba movies?

Tope: No, I also act in English soap operas. I have featured in Shadows and a couple of other movies.

Q: What part of Temitope Osoba‘s body does the actress admire the most?

Tope: I would say my boobs, but I admire the whole of my body, because I have a nice shape and I love it. A lot of people like my shape.

Q: Has Temitope Osoba boobs given her any lead role before, and does she consider it her selling point?

Tope: Well, I don’t reveal a lot of my body, but I do reveal a little cleavage. So, put together, I will say my boobs and my body fetch me the jobs. People tell me I have very lovely skin, shape and lips. I guess they get the roles coming for me. I can’t show more than my cleavage.

Temitope Osoba, an actress and a professional dancer

Temitope Osoba, an actress and a professional dancer

Q: Is Temitope Osoba related to the former Ogun State governor, Segun Osoba?

Tope: Yes, we are related in a way, because he is related to my paternal grandfather, although we have not met one on one.

Q: If not an actress, what else would Temitope Osoba be doing professionally?
Tope: I would be into business, probably run a salon.

Q: Has Temitope Osoba‘s heart ever been broken before?

Tope: Yes it has being broken, that is why I have this tattoo, with a broken heart and a knife piercing through it. It was really painful, I cried, because I really liked him and he got married a few months after we broke up, it was really painful.

Q: In the next five years, where do Temitope Osoba see herself?

Tope: I see myself at the top, being one of the best actresses, one of the best producers and one of the best role models.

This story is filed under ‘Nollywood-Yoruba Actors‘ category on NollywoodSocial.Net, and can be considered a mini-biography of the actress.

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