Kate Henshaw claims she lost everything in house fire

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Kate Henshaw makeup by Oluchi Onuigbo

Kate Henshaw claims she lost everything in house fire

#NEWS: Nollywood star actress, Kate Henshaw, in a recent interview – claims she lost everything when her house in Lekki caught fire on June 25th, as reported on NollywoodCommunity.com a day after the unfortunate incident became news.

In a very recent interview with City People, Kate Henshaw narrated the heartbreaking event of her house that got burnt, on the unfortunate day which she was on the set of Do Good, a comedy sitcom. Below is the interview, make sure to leave a comment afterwards to let us know what you think.

“It is true. The house got burnt and I lost everything. I really don’t know what happened because I was here on the ‘Do Good’ set, I was filming, and was about to have lunch when my nanny called me and was like “madam fire”. I told her to get people to throw water on it and didn’t even know it was like a big fire. I immediately got up and by the time I turned into the street before mine, I could see the sky was black. I got there and there were people everywhere and nobody could get in. Because the first thing about fire is the smoke, its going to make it totally impossible to get in, and it could kill you. And my next door neighbour was having his daughter’s birthday and there were children there, that was IK Osakioduwa, he happens to be my next door neighbour, and he had sent a message to all radio stations about the fire” narrated the veteran actress.

“I called the fire service for over 2 hours and there was no response, by the time they came everything had gone. The house was razed completely. But I am talking to you now, and I am glad to be alive. Winning this award further goes to show that as long as there is life, you can hope for tomorrow” -said Kate Henshaw.

Last weekend Kate Henshaw picked up the City People Face of Nollywood awards. The actress is now upbeat and reflected on what the house fire incident several weeks ago, has taught her. Continue reading….

“There are two choices, either you stand up or you stay down. There are many people who have gone through such fire experience and lost their lives but there is no scratch on me, the will power is what matters. I was at that point where I said what’s the use, where I am going to start from but I thank God.”

In the interview she thanked the cast and crew of ‘Do Good’ for their efforts when her house got burnt.

“And the people on this set, they are the best crew and cast I have ever worked with, everybody came they scooped water from the gutter, some cut their hands trying to get in. They came the next day and helped me move. It was totally unexpected, I don’t want to cry but they were awesome” -Kate Henshaw said.

Kate Henshaw makeup by Oluchi Onuigbo

#RealHair: Kate Henshaw makeup pic, by Oluchi Onuigbo, a celebrity makeup artist.

Nollywood News Reaction: What do you have to say about Kate Henshaw‘s reaction to the fire incident where she lost  everything?

Story credit: Entertainment Express

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Photo of Stephanie Okereke and Husband - Dry Premiere

Stephanie Okereke and Hubby, at the premiere of DRY the Movie

NOLLYWOOD GIST: Heavily pregnant Stephanie Okereke has premiered her new movie DRY in Abuja – which is about child abuse in relation to teenage marriage. See photo of Stephanie and her husband, looking good together at the premiere.

Stephanie Okereke today shares a new picture of her and her husband, Linus Idahosa at the movie premiere of DRY. Here’s what the pregnant Nollywood actress said, when she shared this picture:

“Hubby &I at the dry premiere in Abuja.Thanks for all your amazing support. Love u always . 💋💋💋 ” -STEPHANIE LINUS

Photo of Stephanie Okereke and Husband - Dry Premiere

Stephanie Okereke and Husband @ Dry movie Premiere.

It is apparent the movie premiere was a success. We are excitedly awaiting good news of Stephanie Okereke’s arrival of her first child.

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Emeka ike pic

Emeka Ike makes Committee for Goodluck Jonathan 2015 Re-Election

Nollywood in Politics: It was recently revealed on NollywoodCommunity that, popular Nollywood actor Emeka Ike has been appointed a member of Goodluck Jonathan’s 2015 Campaign Organization Committee; NollywoodSocial.Net is reporting to the global audience, with support from Nigeria Movie Network (NMN).

Mr Ike who hails from Umueze in Ehime Mbano in Imo State, is part of the Civil Society Support Group Commitee. It was also revealed that this might be an opportunity for the actor–who fell into bad times months ago, to bounce back to his feet.

In other related news, Emeka Ike who was formally living in Lagos, has moved to Abuja after alleged separation from his Wife.

Emeka ike pic

Emeka Ike makes Committee for Goodluck Jonathan 2015 Re-Election

Joan Nwankwo of NollywoodCommunity, wishes him all the Best.

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Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva covers Hello Magazine, Nigeria

Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva, covers HelloNigeria latest edition

Nollywood News: Olu Jacobs and his beautiful wife Joke Silva, have graced the cover of Hello! Nigeria magazine’s latest issue with a feature story titled “Nollywood Royalty, Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs, speak about love in Limelight”; NollywoodSocial.Net is reporting.

InformationNigeria says “It’s safe to say that they are the Nollywood couple every other one looks up to.” Revealing that they’ve been together for over a decade and they seem to have the marriage game perfected.

In the latest magazine issue, the couple (Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva) revealed details about their long lasting love, and how they built their relationship in the limelight.

“It had its challenges in the early years, each person fighting for their own space within it…… but over the years, we have learned to respect the other person views” -Joke Silva was quoted to have said.

olu jacobs kisses wife joke silva

Olu Jacobs is pictured here kissing his wife Joke Silva

Meanwhile, PulseNigeria says in the latest edition of Hello! Magazine, the Nollywood veteran couples shared their love story, staying married in the same industry, building a career over the years with each in the other’s life.

Commenting on the new magazine cover photo, blogger Olamide says the couple were stylish with Olu Jacobs in a navy suit leaning lovingly above the wife; Joke Silva who sits pretty in a vibrant sequin piece.

Joke Silva was born in Lagos, 1961, while Olu Jacobs was born in Abeokuta, 1942. The veteran Nollywood couple got married in 1985. About 28 years later, their love is still waxing strong. Congrats to the lovely couple! Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva <3 🙂

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Stephanie Okereke Brother Prince Daniel Okereke

Stephanie Okereke’s brother accused of Raping UNILAG Student

This is the type of shameful news Stephanie Okereke might not want to hear or read about, as her musician brother (Prince Daniel Okereke) has been accused of raping and assaulting a female UNILAG student. See full gist below, and share your thoughts after reading the story.

The NollywoodSocial.Net team stumbled upon a news published on DailyPost NG yesterday (Nov. 22) titled “Nollywood star Stephanie Okereke’s brother arrested for allegedly raping UNILAG undergraduate“; where a 300 level UNILAG female student by the name ‘Arionla’ accused the popular Nollywood actress’ brother (Daniel Okekeke) who also happen to be the cousin of former Director–General of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), Ndi Okereke-Onyiuke, of raping her severely.

According to her, the suspect – Prince Daniel Okereke (age 37), lured her into his home at Mende, Maryland, Lagos, on November 6th, subdued her with the aid of his security guard before pouncing on her and raping her severely.

Interestingly, the 22 year old victim (Arinola) claimed she met the accused (Prince Daniel Okereke) online. Will some women ever hear word? Upon all the dangers and warnings about meeting strangers online – some still chose to risk their lives.

Anyway, below is the victim’s story, an ordeal she narrated to journalists:

Stephanie Okereke (Nollywood Actress)

Stephanie Okereke (Nollywood Actress)

“We became friends online and I gave him my number. He kept calling requesting to see me in school and I kept giving him one excuse or the other. He actually said that he wanted me to be his friend and I declined that I am a student and should be allowed to face my studies. On November 6, 2014, he called me that he was in my school compound. I was sick and told him that I was about to head to the pharmacy to get drugs.”

“He volunteered to drive me to the pharmacy. I was impressed and grateful for such a kind gesture. After buying the drugs, we drove to the fast food and bought food. He asked me to join him to a seat out joint where I can relax and eat the food. I was surprised when he drove straight to his house at Mende, Maryland.”

“When we got to his house, I told him that I was not interested in having sex with him, he called two of his security guards to help him to tie me up and seal my mouth. He then brought out his belt and started flogging me. He raped me severally till he was satisfied. He later removed the ropes and ordered me to get out of his house. I was in pains and knew that since the law will finally release him because of his status, I needed to destroy anything within reach. It was the neighbours whose car was destroyed that alerted the police at Area F, Ikeja.”

“I wrote my statement and went to the hospital for examination. I was not surprised when I was told that he was granted bail the same day. My family had to report the matter to Panti and he was re-arrested.”

When Stephanie Okereke’s brother was confronted with the alleged rape report, he did not deny raping the victim but rather blamed the devil for the act. According to DailyPost NG, here’s what Daniel Okereke had to say when confronted:

“I am so ashamed of myself. We are family of professionals whom you know very well. I don’t know what got into my head. I am sorry and plead for forgiveness,” Daniel, who said he was single and still searching, pleaded.

When asked why she destroyed the property in his house, Prince Daniel said: “She thought I was going to force her to have sex with me. She started destroying everything which is so expensive. Yes, I had sex with her. I am very sorry, I need a way out.”

A Police Public Relations Officer by the name ‘Kenneth Nwosu; said the suspect (Prince Daniel Okereke) would be charged to court for rape and assault.


  • What do you have to say about this?
  • What advise or suggestions do you have for the rape victim or Stephanie Okereke’s brother?

By the way, Prince Daniel is also a musician, but was once a banker before joining the Nigerian entertainment industry. If you Google his name you’d find more information about him; NollywoodSocial.Net concludes.

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Nigeria Nollywood New York

Black Speech Media takes Nollywood Movies to iTunes, Netflix, Amazon Prime & Hulu

Black Speech Media Group (BSMG), a New York-Based African Entertainment Company, Paves Way for African movies and Films to Go Mainstream

In a November 14 press release published on PR.com, it was reported that Black Speech Media Group, who is among the leading producers and distributors of “Nollywood Films“, has pioneered in bringing prominence of Nigerian films to digital distribution space by its launch of Nollywood movies on both Amazon Prime and iTunes, NollywoodSocial.Net reports.

The newly established initiative according to report, is in partnership with Autonomous Entertainment, a media marketing and distribution boutique, which is also based in New York.

The two New-York based companies proposed a plan that would build a landing page and digital channel on most of the major digital platforms, such as iTunes, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. The first batch of titles are available on Amazon Prime and iTunes and have already gone live in six territories: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. With more territories and more titles rolling out in the coming months, this venture will be a game changer for the Nollywood industry, much like the rise of the Bollywood industry ten years earlier.

Black Speech Media Group claims to have more than 50,000 Nollywood titles on its platform (blackspeechmediagroup.com), which is currently under construction as at the time this article was published on NollywoodSocial.Net (Nov. 16).

The press release further revealed that the Nigerian Film industry,”Nollywood“, has grown into the second largest film industry in the world in terms of number of annual film productions – ahead of the United States (Hollywood) and behind only Indian cinema (Bollywood).

Black Speech Media Group Logo

Black Speech Media Group Logo

The Nollywood Film industry is said to be worth $3.5 billion as of 2008 and produces over 2,000 films annually (CNN Report). An average production cost of $50,000 for a Nollywood title can sell an average of 500,000 DVD copies in local markets (Forbes). A hit may sell several hundred thousand DVD’s in Nigeria and twice as much worldwide providing astounding returns for the producers. References: CNN, Forbes, BBC News, Wikipedia.

Below are quoted comments from the CEO’s of both Black Speech Media Group (BSMG) and Autonomous Entertainment, on their partnership towards taking African Movies to Mainstream media.

“Now that we have established Nollywood as a genre with iTunes and Amazon, we are negotiating the addition of this genre across other platforms, such as Hulu, Xbox, Verizon/Redbox, Sony PlayStation, etc.” added Timothy Kublenu, CEO of Black Speech Media Group. “It is our hope that our company will serve as a conduit whereby more producers and film makers can easily make available their films to a larger and global audience.”

“iTunes was the first to help us establish a digital presence for Nollywood, a genre that didn’t exist on any of the major digital platforms,” says Autonomous Entertainment CEO Cedric Beasley.

Black Speech Media Group, a privately held company founded in 2004 with 1-10 employees, has its headquarter office located at #747 Third Ave, New York, New York 10017, United States, according to information found on Linkedin and Facebook.

Autonomous Entertainment, a partnership type company founded in 2009 with 1-10 employees, has its headquarter office located at 421 8th Avenue #8461 New York, NY 10001-9998, United States, according to information found on Linkedin.

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Uche Jombo is Pregnant

Uche Jombo finally reveals baby bump, heavily pregnant!

Days after a question regarding Uche Jombo’s pregnancy on Nollywood.Social – sparked some good answers on the social networking platform, including some controversial debate on NMN Facebook Page, with some fans arguing its no one’s business if the actress is pregnant or not.

Many fans of Uche Jombo have expressed confusions as to whether their favorite actress is truly pregnant or not. Especially considering many Nollywood blogs kept posting rumors of her heavy pregnancy, but without baby bump photos to back it up.

But all rumors have now been confirmed to be true, as Uche Jombo finally reveals her baby bump at the Houston premiere of “The Other Side” on October 26th (Sunday), at the AMC Studio 30 located @ 2949 Dunvale Rd, Houston, Texas.

The Other Side is a Nollywood-USA movie starring Uche Jombo, Chet Anekwe, Dtymi Ngozi Ibe, and other Oyibo actors. Directed by Ike Nnaebue, and produced by Dtymi Ngozi Ibe.

Be sure to check out the photo album by NMN on NollywoodSocial.com that showcases pictures of Uche Jombo spotting a baby bump. Don’t forget to watch the trailer teaser for THE OTHER SIDE.

For those who know pregnancy well, how many months prego would you say Uche Jombo is, in this recent pictures?

NollywoodSocial.Net blog would like to officially say:

Congratulations to UCHE JOMBO-RODRIGUEZ on her pregnancy, wishing her a safe delivery!
Uche Jombo Baby Bump

Uche Jombo flaunts Baby Bump for the very first time!

We gathered via NMN that Uche Jombo would remain in the US to deliver her first child. Congrats once again, Mrs. Rodriguez!

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Nollywood Movies Awards 2014

List of winners at this year’s Nollywood Movies Awards (2014)

The centenary themed Nollywood Movies Awards this 2014 appears to be a success. Nollywood stars and Nigerian celebrities came out in dozens, stylishly and comfortably, to make this year’s industry movie award, a remarkable one. This year marks the third of the annual event; NollywoodSocial.Net reports.

Without further ado, below is an ordered list of winners at the just concluded Nollywood Movies Awards (NMA) on Oct. 18 at the Intercontinental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.

  • Best Movie —  A Mile From Home
  • Best Lead Male — Mike Ezuruonye (Unforgivable)
  • Best Lead Female — Ireti Doyle (Torn)
  • Best Actor (Supporting Role) — Lucky Ejim (Render To Caesar)
  • Best Actress (Supporting Role) — Emem Udonquak (Itoro)
  • Best Actor Indigenous — Afeez Eniola (Alakada)
  • Best Actress Indigenous — Dayo Amusa (Unforgivable)
  • Best Director — Confusion Na Wa (Kenneth Gyang)
  • Best Editing — Flower Girl (Kunle Laguda)
  • Best Sound Design — Flower Girl (Kayode Nero Ilelabayo)
  • Best Cinematography — Confusion Na Wa
  • Best Original Screenplay — Render To Caesar (Michael Odogwu)
  • Best Costume Design — False
  • Best Makeup – Honeymoon Hotel (Madeline Viijeon | Geordi Binstend | Kristy Williams)
  • Best Set Design — Flower Girl (Derick Nwa-Jesus)
  • Best Soundtrack — Flower -Girl (Efya – Best In Me)
  • Best Diaspora — Onye Ozi
  • Best Short Movie — {BraveBest Rising Star Male} — Tope Tedela (A Mile From Home)
  • Best Rising Star — Ivie Okujaye (Make A Move)
  • Best Child Actor — Oyindamola Lapejo – Finding Mercy
  • Best Indigenous Movie — Onye  Ozi
  • NMA Lifetime Achievement Award 2014 — Tunde Kelani
  • Popular Choice Actor — Ojulade Adekula
  • Popular Choice Actress — Mercy Johnson
  • Best TV/Web Series — Tinsel
  • Top Box Office — Weekend Gateaway
  • Nollywood Humanitarian Award — Dr Ameyo Stella Adadevoh
Centenary Nollywood Movies Awards

Centenary Nollywood Movies Awards

Is there anyone or movie you were expecting to win an award, that didn’t? Share your thoughts on NollywoodSocial.Net

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Nollywood Chioma Toplis Lingerie Pics

Chioma Toplis fires back at critics over sexy lingerie photos

BBW: Nollywood actress Chioma Toplis, who is married with three kids, has fired back at critics over her new sexy lingerie photos which she shared online recently; NollywoodSocial.Net reports. Read the full Nollywood news and gist below.

Some of her fans and admirers complained about Chioma Toplis new half-nude pics, with many asking why should a married woman and mother of three, post her nakedness for public consumption, etc. However, the now-controversial actress could not hesitate in firing back at her fans for sharing their thoughts.

In response to all the criticisms the Nollywood actress received over her lingerie pictures, here’s what the Nigerian turned Briton by marriage, had to say to her “haters”:

“Thanks guys, for all the people who commended on my weight loss, my next level, my swag etc, I love you guys like kilode. As for those who hated viewing these pictures because they are pretenders and could not only remove their eyes, I feel sorry for the pains you caused yourselves and I believe that after treating yourselves of heart attack, you will be doing yourself the favour of deleting yourself because more are in the making. I’m soaring higher whether you like it or not. My family are behind me; my wonderful and supportive hubby most importantly. Also, may I remind you that my hubby is English and that makes me part of that society. I’m off to LA for my progress check,” she wrote.

She also wrote the following via her Facebook profile (Sept. 24), NollywoodSocial.Net gathered:

“Now I know that my pictures are generating heat all over “Africa” lol..ok let me get this into ur timid bush heads. Am married to an English man hence that has made me to have a dual nationality. And of course as much as I have to adapt to eating der type of food, speaking der language, dressing der way is a must too. i do what pleases my husband and this is one of it and for ur info I hav been married to this same man for close to 20yrs. I will make it easier for u, when u come across such pictures of mine dat u term “whatever ” just take it that it is my Toplis side n walk away but if u want to talk o talk cos it is free but u will be wasting ur time and when u see me all wrapped up u shld see dat as Chioma ur African good girl smsh”

Share your opinion: Is it wrong for a married woman and mother of three children, to post (half-naked) lingerie photos online for her fans to see and comment?

Or, is she suppose to hide her body endowment from the public, reserving it for only her husband eyes?

Nollywood Chioma Toplis Lingerie Pics

Nollywood Actress Chioma Toplis shows off her sexy body in Lingerie Pictures.


Chioma Toplis, a native of Umuahia in Abia State, made her career debut in 2004 in Stolen Bible Nollywood movie alongside Kate Henshaw and other acts, but she gained prominence when she appeared in a lead role in a 2005 Nollywood movie titled ‘Trinity’, where she acted with other prominent Nollywood actors. She is married and blessed with three children.

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A Letter To Tonto Dikeh

A Letter to Tonto Dikeh, by a Fan of the Nollywood Actress

One of Tonto Dikeh’s female fans from Imo State recently poured her heart out to Tonto Dikeh, asking the popular Nollywood actress to rethink her life, change her ways and be natural in all her doings.

If Tonto Dikeh is reading this, we want you to know that your fans care about you very much, otherwise they won’t even bother to say or write anything about you at all. Without further ado, below is the touching message Tonto Dikeh’s fan wrote on the actress Facebook page recently.

Remember the saying: “If nobody talks about you, then you are nobody.”

A Letter To Tonto Dikeh

Tonto do you remember how innocent and pretty you look in Mama G’s song, (Tonto Dikeh) and your first movie ‘Missing Rib‘. The first day I saw you, I liked you so much, I was like…wow!!, who is this pretty girl?? People were saying you are Mama G’s daughter and all that, but what is happening now?

Is it like a drive to be famous or what? Why all this tattoo? Please you need to sit down and rethink, think about your life, ponder and meditate: if your life is actually giving God glory or is God regretting why he created you?

You may think u have it all but life without jesus is like a shattered dream. Please think about it, change your dressing style, if possible clean that horrible tattoo. Be natural and you will see you look more pretty like that. God bless and help you, though it may seem impossible but with jesus everything is possible. Thanks.


Note that we slightly edited the fan’s message to Tonto Dikeh, to correct few typos and add some punctuations where necessary.

  • What do you think of the fan’s letter to Tonto Dikeh?
  • Do you have any advice for Tonto Dikeh you’d like to share on NollywoodSocial.Net?

Feel free to share your opinion in the comment below, or signup to post about Tonto Dikeh and other Nollywood actors on Nollywood Social Network.

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