Black Speech Media takes Nollywood Movies to iTunes, Netflix, Amazon Prime & Hulu

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Black Speech Media takes Nollywood Movies to iTunes, Netflix, Amazon Prime & Hulu

Black Speech Media Group (BSMG), a New York-Based African Entertainment Company, Paves Way for African movies and Films to Go Mainstream

In a November 14 press release published on, it was reported that Black Speech Media Group, who is among the leading producers and distributors of “Nollywood Films“, has pioneered in bringing prominence of Nigerian films to digital distribution space by its launch of Nollywood movies on both Amazon Prime and iTunes, NollywoodSocial.Net reports.

The newly established initiative according to report, is in partnership with Autonomous Entertainment, a media marketing and distribution boutique, which is also based in New York.

The two New-York based companies proposed a plan that would build a landing page and digital channel on most of the major digital platforms, such as iTunes, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. The first batch of titles are available on Amazon Prime and iTunes and have already gone live in six territories: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. With more territories and more titles rolling out in the coming months, this venture will be a game changer for the Nollywood industry, much like the rise of the Bollywood industry ten years earlier.

Black Speech Media Group claims to have more than 50,000 Nollywood titles on its platform (, which is currently under construction as at the time this article was published on NollywoodSocial.Net (Nov. 16).

The press release further revealed that the Nigerian Film industry,”Nollywood“, has grown into the second largest film industry in the world in terms of number of annual film productions – ahead of the United States (Hollywood) and behind only Indian cinema (Bollywood).

Black Speech Media Group Logo

Black Speech Media Group Logo

The Nollywood Film industry is said to be worth $3.5 billion as of 2008 and produces over 2,000 films annually (CNN Report). An average production cost of $50,000 for a Nollywood title can sell an average of 500,000 DVD copies in local markets (Forbes). A hit may sell several hundred thousand DVD’s in Nigeria and twice as much worldwide providing astounding returns for the producers. References: CNN, Forbes, BBC News, Wikipedia.

Below are quoted comments from the CEO’s of both Black Speech Media Group (BSMG) and Autonomous Entertainment, on their partnership towards taking African Movies to Mainstream media.

“Now that we have established Nollywood as a genre with iTunes and Amazon, we are negotiating the addition of this genre across other platforms, such as Hulu, Xbox, Verizon/Redbox, Sony PlayStation, etc.” added Timothy Kublenu, CEO of Black Speech Media Group. “It is our hope that our company will serve as a conduit whereby more producers and film makers can easily make available their films to a larger and global audience.”

“iTunes was the first to help us establish a digital presence for Nollywood, a genre that didn’t exist on any of the major digital platforms,” says Autonomous Entertainment CEO Cedric Beasley.

Black Speech Media Group, a privately held company founded in 2004 with 1-10 employees, has its headquarter office located at #747 Third Ave, New York, New York 10017, United States, according to information found on Linkedin and Facebook.

Autonomous Entertainment, a partnership type company founded in 2009 with 1-10 employees, has its headquarter office located at 421 8th Avenue #8461 New York, NY 10001-9998, United States, according to information found on Linkedin.

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Broken Cross Movie Premiere

Broken Cross Nollywood Movie to Premiere at Greenwich Odeon

Powerful Movie Tells The Story Of Ester A Vulnerable Young Girl From A Broken Down Family Who Suffered Abuse, Leading To Alcohol and Drugs Use, Eventually Contracting HIV


LONDON – 2014 Biggest Buzzed about Nollywood Movie, Broken Cross, will premiere at GREENWICH ODEON CINEMA on 14th NOVEMBER 2014 at 8pm. Expected to draw in a massive crowd.

Broken Cross is a captivating, emotional, funny and much relatable story about poverty, family break down and its consequential impacts within the African-Caribbean Community, written, produced and directed by Daniel Ndlara Robson.

The movie tells the story of Esther, a young lady whose life changed drastically for the worse due to her family breaking down. She suffered abuse from her step father thus, stripping her off her self-worth, pride and self-esteem. She turned to alcohol and drug abuse. Guys took advantage of her vulnerability, leading her to contracting HIV. Another important factor of Broke Cross is that the movie also highlights the need for continual education and support amongst the Afro-Caribbean society.

Daniel Ndlara Robson is the founder and CEO of Star Galaxy Media, as well as owning a music label called KD production. He is a UK based Zimbabwean born upcoming Director and Producer driven by his passion for creativity. Daniel Ndlara Robson, The producer of Broken Cross, also produced Dangerous Zone, Lethal Beast and a new reality show called, The London Hustler. He’s gained the reputation for being a very professional and fierce business man, particularly within the entertainment industry.


Broken Cross is already generating high buzz and huge interest from the general public, media and varied business organisations. The movie trailer already have well over a 5500 views on YouTube in much less than a week, which is a very first within the industry.

For more information about Broken Cross and to view the trailer, visit: For downloadable press materials (including production notes and high-res photos), visit For more information about SPONSORING ORGANISATION visit WEBSITE.

Broken Cross Movie Premiere, Odeon Cinema

Broken Cross Movie Premiere, Odeon Cinema

Contact ‘Broken Cross’ Film Producer and Director on:
Mobile: 07427493843/07404263031 or Email

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Affiong goes to Europe Nollywood movie

Press Release: Affiong goes to Europe, a Comedy Skit

The Press Release titled “Affiong goes to Europe, a Comedy Skit” presented by Africa Web TV, was recently submitted to NollywoodSocial for publishing on our various platforms.

Former “Gulder Ultimate Search” winner and Nollywood actress, Anita Hogan, is slowly making her mark and comeback in Europe.

Affiong goes to Europe shows the adventures of Aunt Affy (Anita Hogan), an extroverted Calabar woman who is on a visit to her younger cousin Udoh in Holland.

In Holland she is confronted with a totally different way of life than she is used to in her village in Akwa Ibom state of Nigeria. How Affy confronts these culture clashes make for some hilarious and comedic highlights.

Below is the trailer and official poster for Affiong goes to Europe, a Comedy Skit – presented by Africa Web TV.

Affiong goes to Europe Nollywood movie

Poster for Affiong goes to Europe, a Comedy Skit

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