I Will Never Have Sex With D’Banj -Tonto Dikeh

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Dbanj and Tonto Dikeh Picture

I Will Never Have Sex With D’Banj -Tonto Dikeh

CELEBRITY GIST: One thing is sure about Tonto Dikeh, she is a newsmaker! The Nollywood Controversial Queen who many believe is promiscuous, have disclosed she will never have sex with D’Banj, who is her boss in the Nigerian music business.

Dbanj and Tonto Dikeh Picture

Picture of Tonto Dikeh and Dbanj.

Tonto Dikeh, who is signed onto D’Banj’s DB Records as a singer by the name ‘Poko‘, revealed in a recent interview on ‘The Truth’ with Olisa Adibua that she has never had sex with the Kokomaster, who once had a fling with Genevieve Nnaji.

In the interview, Tonto Dikeh spoke about her music ambitions, acting, the controversy with luxury shopping and her relationship status.

During the interview, ‘Poko’ confirmed she is in a relationship but she is not dating Jerry Swank, her stylist who some believe Tonto Dikeh may have had some promiscuous activities with. When the discussion moved to D’banj, Tonto Dikeh categorically said she has never had sex with her DB Records boss.

“Why would I do that?” – the controversial ‘High’ crooner, refuted.

“Never and it would never happen”, the actress cum singer concluded on the possibility of having a one night stand with D’Banj.

When asked about marriage, Tontolet says she has marriage in her future plans. In her own words:

“Definitely. It something that everybody looks up to and I pray that it is something that will come through.”

Tonto Dikeh and Dbanj Pic

Tonto Dikeh and Dbanj Photo.

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Photo of Tonto Dikeh and a dog face tattoo on her arm - Effixzzy Magazine

Tonto Dikeh tattoos dog face on her arm, calls it “Family”

Celebrity Gist: Some would say Tonto Dikeh has gone mad when they see this picture of her with a tattoo of her pet dog on her arm that says “family“. Has Tonto Dikeh lost her African virtues, or what does it mean when people like Tontolet start to treat dogs like humans?

Photo of Tonto Dikeh and a dog face tattoo on her arm - Effixzzy Magazine

She don dey mad? Photo of Tonto Dikeh and a dog face tattoo on her arm – Effixzzy Magazine

We recently stumbled upon this new picture of Tonto Dikeh where she covers Effixzzy Magazine latest issue (#27), which is published by Nollywood actress Ani Amatosero.

Back to Tonto Dikeh’s case. Is it because Tonto Dikeh is without a child or children, that she decides to tattoo the face of a dog on her arm, calling it “family“?

If a man eventually marries Tonto Dikeh and they want to make love; wouldn’t the man also be making love to the dog tattooed on her arm when he touches Tonto Dikeh’s body?

Think about it, and drop a comment below to let us know what you think?

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Tonto Dikeh Photo Makeup

Tonto Dikeh the Selfish Beauty (Nollywood Gist)

NollywoodGist: It appears popular Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh eats controversy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It seems she is always attacking someone whenever she shares a beautiful picture of herself. See what the controversial actress have to say this time.

Yesterday (Nov. 5) Tonto Dikeh shared this new facial photo of herself via Instagram social media, with her face nicely covered up in pancake, red glossy lipstick and fake eye lashes.

But trust Tonto Dikeh, she ain’t got no worries! She claims to be eating good, and calls herself a selfish beauty, according to her photo caption. Here’s what she had to say when she shared this pic (scroll down):

Tonto Dikeh Photo Makeup

Tonto Dikeh Photo Makeup

“Trust me I ain’t got no Worries* I heard u can’t have ur cake n eat it? O well isn’t that what we are suppose to do? Eat it!!!Am eating #Poko #SelfishBeauty #Selfless” -Tonto Dikeh


  • Question: Is Tonto Dikeh naturally beautiful without makeup, or she’s only beautiful with makeup on her face?

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A Letter To Tonto Dikeh

A Letter to Tonto Dikeh, by a Fan of the Nollywood Actress

One of Tonto Dikeh’s female fans from Imo State recently poured her heart out to Tonto Dikeh, asking the popular Nollywood actress to rethink her life, change her ways and be natural in all her doings.

If Tonto Dikeh is reading this, we want you to know that your fans care about you very much, otherwise they won’t even bother to say or write anything about you at all. Without further ado, below is the touching message Tonto Dikeh’s fan wrote on the actress Facebook page recently.

Remember the saying: “If nobody talks about you, then you are nobody.”

A Letter To Tonto Dikeh

Tonto do you remember how innocent and pretty you look in Mama G’s song, (Tonto Dikeh) and your first movie ‘Missing Rib‘. The first day I saw you, I liked you so much, I was like…wow!!, who is this pretty girl?? People were saying you are Mama G’s daughter and all that, but what is happening now?

Is it like a drive to be famous or what? Why all this tattoo? Please you need to sit down and rethink, think about your life, ponder and meditate: if your life is actually giving God glory or is God regretting why he created you?

You may think u have it all but life without jesus is like a shattered dream. Please think about it, change your dressing style, if possible clean that horrible tattoo. Be natural and you will see you look more pretty like that. God bless and help you, though it may seem impossible but with jesus everything is possible. Thanks.


Note that we slightly edited the fan’s message to Tonto Dikeh, to correct few typos and add some punctuations where necessary.

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